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Tech Computer Center Staff

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Position Name email Phone Office
Director of Academic Computing Dr. Mike Topliff mtopliff (575)835-5738 Speare 117
Office Coordinator Jeanette Chavez jchavez (575)835-5735 Speare 117
Systems Engineering
Manager of Engineering Bryan Hughes khan (575)835-5388 Speare 120
Senior Unix Programmer Ken Malone ken (575)835-5662 Speare 115
Systems Programmer Jesse Crawford jeanluc (575)835-5748 Speare 20
Systems Programmer Ian Neal wopr (575)835-5748 Speare 20
Systems Programmer Jett Peterson odo (575)835-5748 Speare 20
Systems Programmer Anthony Baca kaiba (575)835-5748 Speare 20
Systems Programmer Josh Hoover floomby (575)835-5748 Speare 20
Maintenance and Networks
Manager of Maintenance and Networks Dustin Graham dgraham (575)835-6748 Speare 22
Hardware Technician Whit La Torra whit (575)835-6716 Speare 18
User Services
Manager of User Services Dylan Etscorn dylan (575)835-5584 Speare 147
User Consultant Brandon Weems brandon (575)835-5398 Speare 9
User Consultant Alan Shi ardents (575)835-5398 Speare 9
User Consultant Jordan Simitz jordan (575)835-5398 Speare 9
User Consultant Blair Crossman blair (575)835-5398 Speare 9
User Consultant Rabbit rabbit (575)835-5398 Speare 9
Applications Specialist

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