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WebStyler: StylIndex: an index builder for WebStyler

There is a separate program called stylindex that you can use to build a keyword index of your the titles of your web pages. To run it, type this command:

    stylindex [option...] index-name [boiler-file]

You must have 27 lines in your Plan file: one for the index's starting page, and one for each letter of the alphabet. Here are some examples of what those lines might look like, if your index is at depth 2 in your Plan file:

** Index                         | index/index
*** Index: A                     | index/index_a
*** Index: B                     | index/index_b
*** Index: Z                     | index/index_z

The stylindex program requires that the short reference name of each letter's page be the same as that of the index's starting page, with an underbar (_) and the letter appended.

A special data file called keywords will be written into the index directory. This file is necessary for the operation of the index.cgi script, which supports searching for keywords using a form.

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