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WebStyler: What is a `short reference'?

To simplify the process of linking to other pages in the same web, WebStyler allows you to refer to a page by a short reference. You can point to a file by using its short reference, without having to worry about exactly where it is in the directory structure.

Every directory in your web will have a one-word ``short name'' that is shorthand for its actual path; these names are defined in the PathMap file, described later.

A short reference has this form:

where the short-name is defined in the PathMap file, and the filename is the name of the file you want to link to, without its extension (that is, without any .g or .html suffix).

The short-name and slash can be omitted if the target file is in the starting directory, e.g., the homepage of your tree.

Examples of short references:

    <see id="unix/rm">
    <see id="homepage">
The first example specifies a see-also link to file `rm.html' in the directory whose short name is `unix'. The second example specifies a see-also link to file `homepage.html' in the starting directory.
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