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WebStyler: Making page links with the <r> tag

To avoid navigational shock when linking to another page inside the same web (that is, to one of "our" pages---see `Building the directory tree'), you can use the <r> tag in your source file. Here is the format of the <r> tag:

    <r id="shortref">
where shortref names the page you're linking to, as a short reference.

For example, if the short reference `unix/password' is a page with the title `Choosing a good password', then this tag:

    <r id="unix/password">
will be expanded as:
    <a href="../unix/password.html">`Choosing a good password'</a>
assuming that the password.html file is located at path ../unix/password.html relative to the current source file. Note: Links generated by the <r> tag will be enclosed in single quotes. To suppress these quotes, see the next topic.
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