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WebStyler: The `Plan' file

The files comprising the web must conform to a strict outline structure. The `Plan' file describes this structure, and its contents drive the operation of the WebStyler program. Each line contains these fields:

  1. One or more asterisks showing the tree structure, optionally followed by whitespace. Emacs outline-mode is used, so the line for the root will start with one asterisk, the line for its first-level subdivisions will start with two asterisks, and so on.
  2. The title of the page is next, optionally followed by whitespace.
  3. A vertical bar ("|"), optionally followed by whitespace.
  4. A description of where the file is. If the file is in the help root directory, its name follows. For most files, though, this description will consist of a short name (see `The `PathMap' file'), a slash, and the filename.

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