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WebStyler: The `PathMap' file

As informational webs evolve, it is often necessary to reshuffle the tree structure under the home directory. However, moving a group of files requires that all the links to those files be changed.

Hence, the WebStyler program allows you to define short names for each subdirectory, so that links can refer to other files by using just their short name and file name. When WebStyler is translating the input files into HTML, it will substitute the actual pathname in the special tags that use these short names, such as the <r> tag.

The file named `PathMap', in the home directory, enumerates all the short names, and describes the full relative pathname (relative to the home directory) where each directory actually lives.

The first line of the `PathMap' file must contain the URL of the home directory. For example, suppose file foo.html in the home directory can be addressed by this URL:
Then the first line of the `PathMap' file should read:

Each of the remaining lines of `PathMap' contains two fields separated by whitespace:

  1. The short name of the directory; see `What is a `short reference'?'.
  2. The pathname, relative to the help root, where the files actually live.

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