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WebStyler: What is a `previous link'?

As discussed in `What is a `next link'?', some sequences of pages have a strong serial orientation. Often, readers will want to read these sequences more than once.

There is another problem. There's nothing to prevent someone from jumping into the middle of a sequence. People arriving there may be disoriented, and want to back up.

For both these reasons, it's good to provide a `previous' link that they can follow to get back to the beginning of a serial section.

As with `next' links, there are two possible sources for determining the target of a `previous' link:

  1. If you have a specific page in mind, use a <prev> tag to tell WebStyler where the `prev' link should go.
  2. If you don't provide a <prev> tag, the target of the next link will be inferred from the file's position in the outline structure as described in the Plan file---specifically, the page preceding this page at the same level, if any.

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