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6. Manifest constants

Next we set up some manifest constants, grouped at the top of the script for easy maintenance.

6.1. XHTML_DOCTYPE: Document type declaration for XHTML

Because the lxml package does not support generation of a DOCTYPE declaration, we'll just write one at the top of the file as ordinary text.
    '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"\n'
    '    "">\n' )

6.2. XHTML_NS: The XHTML namespace URI

This is the namespace URI that identifies the XHTML document type.
XHTML_NS  =  ""

6.3. CSS_URL: Stylesheet location

Gives the URL of the stylesheet for TCC web pages.
CSS_URL  =  ""

6.4. TOP_NAV_SEP: Separator string for the top navigational bar

This is the string that separates elements of the page-top navigational bar.
TOP_NAV_SEP  =  " / "

6.5. TCC_MAIN_URL: TCC mainpage URL

This is the URL that people reach if they click on the TCC logo.


This is the URL of the official TCC logo.

6.7. BOT_NAV_SEP: Separator for page-bottom links

When a particular kind of page-bottom link has multiple destinations (e.g., a “See also” link), this string is placed between the links.
BOT_NAV_SEP  =  "; "