2. Specification

The purpose of the knowledge matrix project is to create tools to maintain and disseminate information about the skills of TCC employees.

Audiences for this program include:

2.1. Representation of the skills matrix

Here is the structure of the data stored in the skills database. See the appendices for the formal structure of the XML file.

2.2. The xskill program: updating your skills

Here is the procedure for adding new employees to the skills database:

  1. Get a staff account if you don't already have one.

  2. Make sure the system administrator adds your work account to the ``net groups'' file; this is necessary so programs can authenticate you as a TCC employee.

  3. Have the TCC Services Coordinator add you to the people file. (This procedure is described in the section Updating the people file.)

  4. Login to a Unix or Linux workstation using your work account.

  5. Change to the knowledge matrix directory:

        cd /u/www/docs/tcc/help/know
  6. In any shell window on your X Window System screen, type the command


    This brings up an application that will show you all the skills and let you check your skill level. Follow the directions. Be sure you visit all the pages: click on the Next page button after completing each page. You can use the Quit button in the bottom right corner anytime if you don't have time to finish.

  7. When you have finished running xskill, notify the TCC Services Coordinator to update the printed and web versions of the knowledge matrix. (This procedure is described below in the section on Updating the printable and Web files.)