4. Modifying the skill set

The TCC Services Coordinator is responsible for adding, changing, and deleting skills and major or group headings from the skills.xml file.

  1. Follow the same steps as above to log in under Unix or Linux, go to the right directory, and fire up emacs, but edit skills.xml this time.

  2. To delete or modify categories and headings, use the regular emacs delete and editing commands.

    To add a new skill, move to the desired location and use C-c C-e (add element) to insert a new <skill> element. Use C-c C-a to edit the tag's title="..." attribute. If you want to add a detailed description of the skill, add a <details> element containing the description.

  3. When finished, be sure to use C-x C-q to check the file back in under RCS control.