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DOM example: Web presentation

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Given the existence of the previously discussed Python module, the HTML presentation is written by a Python script named addr-web.

Here are the command line options to this script:

    addr-web [-u] infile.xml
-u Show unlisted entries and phone numbers. Default is to omit them.
infile.xml Name of the input file, valid according to address.dtd.

Design considerations for this script:

Heavy use is made of Cascading Style Sheets to give the Web rendering an attractive styling. Here is a list of the principle rules in the address.css stylesheet:
span.intro-date The date/time stamp in the introductory paragraph. A phone number.
span.index-term The string used to alphabetize this block. For a person, e.g., this will be 'Last[, First][ "Nick"]'. An <org> element other than the index-term. The <contact> element in an <org>, if any.
span.person A <person> element other than the index-term.
span.loc A location (mail or street).
span.dir The content from a <directions> element.
span.notes The <notes> content if any.

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