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Making archive files in Windows

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When you are moving or copying a set of files, it is often convenient to build an archive file that contains copies of all the files in the set. There are many types of archive files, but .zip archives are a good choice because the format is supported by many different operating systems.

Follow this procedure to build an archive file under Windows.

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. Select the files you want to copy to the archive.
  3. Select File7-ZipAdd to archive. This brings up the Add to Archive window.
  4. Using the Archive format: pull-down menu, select "Zip".
  5. In the Archive field, enter a name for your archive, starting with "u:\", and ending with .zip, then click OK.

To extract some or all of the files from the archive in your TCC account, see `Extracting archive files in Windows'.

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