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Extracting archive files in Linux

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Linux archive files, called “tarballs”, are usually given names ending in “.tgz” or “.tar.gz”.

Assuming you have made an archive using the procedure described in `Making archive files in Linux', follow this procedure to extract some or all of the files.

This procedure will silently overwrite any existing file with the same name. Be careful you don't replace a newer file with an older version.
  1. Move the tarball to the directory under which you want the extract files to live, and cd to that directory.
  2. To copy the files from an archive archname.tgz to their paths relative to that directory:
    tar -xvzf archname.tgz [file...]
    If you want to copy only certain files, append their names at the end of the command; otherwise all the files will be extracted from the tarball.

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