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Logging in

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These directions assume that you are using a workstation in Speare Hall. For network or modem access, please consult a user consultant.

  1. Find a computer that is available for your use. If a workstation is available, a login prompt should be displayed. For example, on the Umber workstation the login prompt looks like this:
            umber login:

  2. Type your account name. If you make a mistake, type control-U and start over.
  3. Press the Return key. This tells the computer that you have finished entering your account name. The computer should then prompt you with "Password:"
  4. Type your password and press the Return key. The letters you type should not appear on the screen; this helps you to keep your password a secret.

If you log in successfully, you should see a Unix prompt appear at the left side of your screen; see `What is a shell prompt?'.

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