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Getting a history of changes to an RCS file

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The rlog command shows you all of the ``log messages'' that you typed in to describe each successive revision. For example, to get the complete history of file foo:

    % rlog foo
The log messages are listed in reverse chronological order, along with the checkin times and the name of the people who checked them in.

You can also use the rlog command with the -L and -R options to find out if you have any files locked:

    % rlog -L -R RCS/*
This command will list the names of any files that are currently locked.

Important: If you are working on a group project, no one else can modify a file while it is locked by you. Therefore you should use the above command at the end of each work session to make sure that you have checked in all your working copies. If you don't, your other group members may be very unhappy with you! See also the man page for RCS.

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