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Listing the current changes to an RCS file

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When you check in a file after changing it, RCS will ask you to type in a description of what you've done. There is a way to review your changes on a line-by-line basis. Use the rcsdiff command to generate a complete list of all the changed lines.

For example, if you have changed a file named foo since it was locked, you can get the list of changes with this command:

    % rcsdiff foo
The output of this command shows the old versions of each line prefaced with a "<" character and the new versions prefaced with a ">" character, along with lines that tell what line number was affected. This output is similar to that of the diff command; see the man page for diff.

Once you have reviewed the changes you've made, you are ready to proceed to the next topic: `Checking in a new revision under RCS'.

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