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Bringing a file under RCS control

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  1. If you have not already done so, create a subdirectory called RCS under the directory where you will be working on your files. Type this Unix command:
            % mkdir RCS
  2. Create the initial version of your file.
  3. To check in the initial version, use the ci command. For example, if your file were named foo, you would check it in using this Unix command:
            % ci foo
            RCS/foo,v  <--  foo
            enter description, terminated with single '.' or end of file:
            NOTE: This is NOT the log message!
    As the sample output shows, you will be prompted to type in a brief description of what this file contains or what it is for. End the description with a line containing only one period (.).

This procedure will delete your working copy. The next topic will tell you how to get it back.

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