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6. The root element <xsl:stylesheet>

The root element of any XSLT stylesheet must be <xsl:stylesheet>. This tag is described below, followed by the “top level tags” that must be children of <xsl:stylesheet>, that is, they must be outside all <xsl:template> elements.

6.1. <xsl:stylesheet> attributes

Attributes of <xsl:stylesheet> include:

version (required)

Use version="1.0".


Use xmlns:xsl="" to connect your document to this version of the XSLT standard.


This attribute defines a prefix you will use to invoke extension elements. See extension elements below.


Normally, any element whose name doesn't start with xsl: is copied to the output. However, if you are using extension elements, you can use this attribute to specify that elements with certain prefixes are to be processed and not copied to the output. See the section on extension elements below for an example.