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17. Legacy and unrecommended elements

This document does not discuss a number of elements. They fall into two classes:

If you need to use any of these features, refer to the XHTML 1.1 standard.

17.1. Deprecated features

These features are officially part of XHTML, but may disappear in future versions.


This element meant “line break here.” Instead, use a div element to put each line into its own block.

tt, i, b, strike

These presentational elements were used to get specific font presentations: typewriter type, italic, boldface, and strikeout type. Use structural elements instead, such as code, em, or strong, or use span elements that are linked to CSS rules as described in Section 5, “Separating content and presentation with CSS”.

align and valign attributes

These attributes could be used to change the horizontal or vertical alignment of headings, paragraphs, and other elements. Because it is good practice to separate structure from presentation, alignment should be handled in a stylesheet. See Section 5, “Separating content and presentation with CSS”.