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14.7. The textarea forms control: multiline text input

This element creates an area for displaying and allowing user entry of multiple lines of text. Its content model:

element textarea
{ attribute name { text },
  attribute rows { xsd:positiveInteger },
  attribute cols { xsd:positiveInteger },
  attribute onchange { text }?,
  attribute onselect { text }?,
  attribute onfocus { text }?,
  attribute onblur { text }?,

This required attribute specifies the control's name.


This attribute specifies how many lines of text are displayed; it is required.


This attribute specifies the width of the displayed control in characters; it is required.

onchange, onselect, onfocus, onblur

See Section 16, “Event attributes”.


This element can carry any of the attributes from Section 15.3, “The common attributes: Common.attrib.


Any text you place inside this element will appear as the initial text inside the control.

Here is an example:

  <textarea name='complaint' rows='5' cols='40'>
    Enter your complaint here.

    Then click 'Submit'.