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17.2. Features that are not recommended

These features are part of XHTML, but the author does not recommend their use.


Frame sets allow you to divide your page into blocks, each of which operates like an independent page.

However, you cannot link to one frame of a page. Also, the function of the Back and Forward buttons in your browser is not well-defined with respect to changes in the content of frames.

If you want to divide your page up into blocks, use CSS for the layout, and make up multiple pages for the different contents. That way, each state can have its own URI.


The map element is used to set up a clickable image map. Within this map, you can set up different “hot spots” so that any mouse click in such a spot acts like a link.

The principal problem with image maps is accessibility. Blind users cannot see the image map. Use regular hypertext links or the button element in a form.