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8.2. The head element: Overall page information

Just after the <html> start tag, you'll need a head element that specifies general information about the page (as opposed to details of its contents). Here's the content model:

element head
{ attribute xml:lang { text }?,
  title & base? & link* & meta* & style* & script*

For the xml:lang attribute, see Section 15.1, “The xml:lang attribute”.

The first child of the head element is required: a title element that declares the overall page title. Browsers will display this title in the decorative border around the browser, not in the actual body of the page.

Unlike title elements elsewhere, the one inside the head element may not have any other markup tags inside it.

The title element is the only required element inside the head element. You may also use any number of the following elements in any order:

Here is the content model for the title element:

element title
{ attribute xml:lang { text }?,
} &

Note that the the title element may contain only ordinary text. Do not use tags inside a title element.