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9.4. The blockquote element: Block-style quotations

There are two ways to include a quotation in your document. If your quotation is to be “run in,” inside a regular paragraph, see the q element in Section 10, “Inline content: Inline.model.

The usual practice for longer quotes is to display them as a separate block, often with wider margins than the surrounding material. For such longer quotes, place the quoted material within a blockquote element. Here is the content model:

element blockquote
{ attribute cite { xsd:anyURI }?,

This optional attribute allows you to point at an online source for the quotation. Use the URI of the online source as the value of this attribute.


Any of the attributes described in Section 15.3, “The common attributes: Common.attrib.


You will need to wrap the content of the blockquote element inside one or more block elements such as p or div. See Section 9, “The block elements”.

Here's an example:

    As a great duck once said:
  <blockquote cite="">
      Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Thrust!