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5. Editing your drawing

Elements of your drawing may be modified using the Editing modes icons on the lower left side.

5.1. Grouping

The first icon is used to combine objects into groups that can be operated on as a whole. For example, if you have a row of boxes, you can weld them into a group by these steps:

  1. Grouping icon Click on the grouping icon (under Editing modes). “Handles” (little boxes) will appear on the screen for each object.

  2. Tag the objects you want to group: left-click on the handle of each you want to group.

    You can also tag all the objects in an area by this procedure: center-click above the upper left corner of the items; then drag the mouse to a position below and to the right of the items, and center-click again.

  3. Once you have tagged the items in your group (and their handles have turned solid), right-click to form the group.

You can now move and copy the group as a single item.

Ungrouping icon To break a group back into its component objects, use the “break compound” icon.

5.2. Moving objects

Move icon To move an object or group:

  1. Click on the Move icon. Handles will appear on all objects.

  2. Left-click on the handle of an object to start moving it.

  3. Drag the handle to its new position.

  4. Left-click again to place the object.

If you want to move the object either straight up, straight down, straight left, or straight right, substitute a center-click for the left-click in the step 2 above.

5.3. Copying objects

Copy icon Copying is just like moving, except that after step 4 there will be a completely new object at the new position, and the old object will still be there.

5.4. Removing objects

  1. Delete icon Click on the Delete icon.

  2. To remove an object, place the cursor on one of that object's handles and left-click.