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Describes xfig, a program for drawing diagrams and figures.

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Table of Contents

1. Should I use xfig?
2. How to use xfig
3. Adding objects to your drawing
4. How to change line styles and other options
5. Editing your drawing
5.1. Grouping
5.2. Moving objects
5.3. Copying objects
5.4. Removing objects
6. Modifying objects
7. Printing your figure

1. Should I use xfig?

The xfig utility is a full-featured program for drawing diagrams, figures, and other line artwork.

Use the xfig program if:

  • You want something you can learn quickly.

  • You are producing relatively simple diagrams or maps.

  • You need figure output in Encapsulated PostScript, .gif, .jpg, or other graphic form.

Don't use xfig:

  • If you need strict dimensional control; try AutoCad or EasyCAD.

  • If you need to manipulate images; try Gimp or Photoshop.