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5.14. Matching stipple patterns

This may seem like an incredibly picky style point, but if you draw a graphic that has two objects with stippled patterns, a real professional will make sure that the patterns align along their boundary.

Here is an example. The left-hand screen shot shows two adjacent 100×100 squares stippled with the “gray12” pattern, but the right-hand square is offset vertically by one pixel. The short black line in the center of the figure is drawn along the boundary of the two figures.

Misaligned stipples. Properly aligned stipples.

The second screen shot is the same, except that the two 100×100 squares have their stipple patterns lined up.

In practice, this arises in two situations. The alignment of large stippled areas is controlled by an option named offset. For figures with stippled outlines, the outlineoffset option controls their alignment. Both options have values of one of these forms: