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3.1. Using Python in Windows

If you are using Python at the NM Tech Computer Center (TCC), you can get conversational mode from StartAll ProgramsActiveState ActivePython 2.6Python Interactive Shell.

To write a program:

  1. StartAll ProgramsActiveState ActivePython 2.6PythonWin Editor.

  2. Use FileNew, select Python Script in the pop-up menu, and click OK. This will bring up an edit window.

  3. Write your Python program in the edit window, then use FileSave As... to save it under some file name that ends in “.py”. Use your U: drive. This drive is mounted everywhere at the TCC, and contains your personal files. It is backed up regularly.

  4. To run your program, use FileRun. In the “Run Script” popup, enter the name of your program in the field labeled Script File, then click OK.

The output will appear in the “Interactive Window”.

You may also run a Python script by double-clicking on it, provided that its name ends with “.py”.