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9.3. Element.append(): Add a new element child

To add a new child c to an element E, use this method:


You can use this method to add Comment and ProcessingInstruction instances as children of an element, as well as Element instances.

Here is a conversational example:

>>> st = etree.Element("state", name="New Mexico")
>>> etree.tostring(st)
'<state name="New Mexico"/>'
>>> co = etree.Element("county", name="Socorro")
>>> st.append(co)
>>> etree.tostring(st)
'<state name="New Mexico"><county name="Socorro"/></state>'
>>> rem = etree.Comment("Just another day in paradise.")
>>> st.append(rem)
>>> etree.tostring(st)
'<state name="New Mexico"><county name="Socorro"/><!-- Just another day in
paradise. --></state>'