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Operator's guide for projector-equipped classrooms.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Configuration
3. Remote controls for the projector
3.1. Projector remote model I
3.2. Projector remote model III
4. Keyboard-video-mouse switch (KVM) control panels
4.1. Four-channel KVMs
4.2. Two-channel KVM
5. Projecting the built-in desktop workstation
6. Projecting your laptop
7. Playing a DVD or videotape
8. ELMO document cameras
9. Sound amplification
9.1. Volume control
9.2. Public address microphone

1. Introduction

This document describes the operation of Tech's projector-equipped classrooms. Using these classrooms, you can:

  • Show the display of your laptop on the projection screen.

  • Show the display of the built-in instructor workstation on the projection screen.

  • Show DVDs or VHS videotapes on the projection screen.

  • Project documents and other flat copy onto the projection screen.

  • Amplify your voice.