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2. Sending mail

When you send a mail, it is necessary to tag it with a subject line so that the recipient will know what it is about. Once you start having to sort through a hundred messages a day, you will appreciate the need for meaningful subject lines!

Here are a few examples of good subject lines:

Subject: Need conference proceedings
Subject: Another irate customer
Subject: Lunch Thursday?

To send your mail:

  1. At the Unix prompt, type:

    pine address

    where the address is the Internet e-mail address of the person you're sending it to. To mail to multiple recipients, just type all the addresses separated by spaces:

  2. Compose your message using the Pine composer.

    The Pine composer is a small text editor that you can use to write your mail message. Your position will start on the To: line of the message, which should contain the address or addresses. Use cursor-down (control-N, abbreviated as ^N) to move the cursor down to the line that says “Subject :” and type in the subject of your mail.

    Next, use ^N to move the cursor just below the line that says ----- Message text -----, and type your message. The lines at the bottom of the screen show the commands that you can type. You can type ^G anytime for online help.

  3. Type ^X to send the message.

    It will prompt you Send message? [y] : to confirm; press the return key to complete the send. If you decide not to send it after all, type ^C at any time in the composer.

  4. Type Q to exit pine.