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5. Pine composer commands

In addition to the commands shown below, the arrow keys on your keyboard might also be usable in moving the cursor around; it depends on your exact setup.

Table 2. Pine composer commands

^XSend this message
^CCancel sending this message
^GGet help
^PCursor up to Previous line
^NCursor down to Next line
^FCursor Forward to next character
^BCursor Backward to previous character
^ACursor to beginning of line
^ECursor to end of line
^LRewrite the screen (use if it's messed up)
^JJustify a paragraph
^WWhere is (search for a string)
^DDelete one character
^KDelete a whole line
^UUndo line deletion or paragraph justification
^RRead an entire file into the current message
^VGo to the next page
^YGo to the previous page
(control-spacebar)Go to the next word