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2. How to build your SRS extended abstract

Here is a step-by-step procedure for building your abstract in LaTeX.

  1. Download these two files into the directory where you plan to build your document:

    • nmtsrsab2012.sty is a LaTeX style file that sets up the correct appearance for an SRS extended abstract.

    • myab.tex is a skeleton file that is the starting point for your extended abstract. You will add your content to this file. It invokes the nmtsrsab2012.sty file to set up the format.

  2. Make a copy of the myab.tex file in case you need to refer to it once you get started. Name this copy using some file name ending in “.tex”; this will be your working copy.

  3. Add your content to the working copy. Refer to Section 3, “The myab.tex skeleton file” for details about what goes where in this file.

  4. Use the pdflatex program to convert the .tex file to PDF format.

    • If you installed TeXLive or a similar system on your own equipment, follow the instructions for running pdftex on your working file and display the result on your screen.

    • If you prefer to work on one of the Tech Computer Center's Windows client machines, use StartAll ProgramsMiKTeX 2.9TeXworks. Our Linux client machines all have pdftex, and you can use acroread or xpdf to view the resulting PDF file.