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Instructions for writing a thesis or dissertation to conform to New Mexico Tech standards, using the LaTeX document preparation system.

This publication is available in Web form and also as a PDF document. Please forward any comments to

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Why LaTeX?
2. Resources for the writer
3. The LaTeX production cycle
3.1. Printing PDF files at the Tech Computer Center
4. Overall structure of the document
4.1. Limitations of the style
5. Declarations in the preamble
5.1. Selecting the type of report: \thesis, \dissertation, \mastersreport
5.2. Your name: \author
5.3. Overall title: \title
5.4. Naming your degree: \degree
5.5. Graduation date: \graduationdate
5.6. Typist credit: \typist
5.7. Chairperson of your committee: \chair
5.8. Number of signatures required: \committeesize
6. Front matter
6.1. The dedication environment
6.2. The \titlepage command
6.3. The \epigraph command
6.4. The \frontispiece command
6.5. The abstract environment
6.6. The acknowledgments environment
6.7. The \tableofcontents command
6.8. The \listoftables command
6.9. The \listoffigures command
6.10. The \listofabbrs command
6.11. The \signaturepage command
6.12. The preface environment
7. Organizing the body of your document
7.1. The \chapter command
7.2. The \section, \subsection, and \subsubsection commands
7.3. The \appendix command
7.4. The References and Bibliography environments
7.5. The \copyrightpage command
8. Including previously published chapters
8.1. The chapterabstract environment
8.2. The chapterack environment
8.3. The chapterappendices environment
8.4. The chapterbibliography environment
9. Template file