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Thesis and dissertation authors, use this checklist to insure that your final submission to the Graduate Office is formatted correctly.

This publication is available in Web form and also as a PDF document. Please forward any comments to

Table of Contents

1. How to use this document
2. General requirements
3. Sequence of the sections
4. Title page
5. Dedication page (optional)
6. Epigraph or frontispiece (optional)
7. Abstract (required)
8. Acknowledgement (optional)
9. Table of contents
10. Lists of figures, tables, etc.
11. Approval page
12. Preface (optional)
13. Parts (optional)
14. Main text chapters
15. Appendices
16. References

1. How to use this document

This document is intended for New Mexico Tech graduate students who write a thesis or dissertation as part of the requirements for an advanced degree.

For graduate school standards and procedures, refer to the New Mexico Tech Graduate Student Handbook.

The complete standards for New Mexico Tech thesis and dissertation formatting are given in the Thesis/Dissertation Manuscript Requirements. Please read them carefully before you start writing your thesis: it is much easier to get the formatting right from the beginning than to repair it later.

  • If your thesis has a lot of mathematical content, you may find that the LaTeX system makes display of mathematical equations much faster, easier, and better-looking that most other word processing systems.

    If you decide to use LaTeX, the Tech Computer Center maintains a template that will help you conform to the Graduate Office formatting requirements. See Writing a New Mexico Tech thesis with LaTeX.

  • If you use Microsoft Office or some other word processor, you are responsible for setting up all the correct formatting conventions yourself.

Before printing the final copy of your thesis, print some sample pages and check them against this list. What you see on your screen may not be the same size or position on the printed page — and exact margins are very important!