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This guide describes procedures for local administration of our Moodle courseware server.

This publication is available in Web form and also as a PDF document. Please forward any comments to

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Definitions of Moodle terms
2.1. Category
2.2. Course
2.3. Role
3. Overview of administrator operations
4. Processing an instructor request
4.1. Building the adds.xml file
4.2. Using the cmsadds application
4.3. Uploading current sections to Moodle
4.4. Editing the new section
5. Daily operations
5.1. Creating all user accounts on the Moodle server
5.2. Transferring current enrollments to the Moodle server
5.3. Uploading SIS integration files
5.4. Cleanup of dropped enrollments
6. Cross-listed courses
6.1. Creating the metacourse for a cross-listed set
6.2. Adding cross-listed child courses
6.3. Deleting a child course from a cross-listed course
6.4. Hide the children
7. Manual operations through the Web interface
7.1. Manual class creation
7.2. Manual enrollment: Assigning instructors to classes
7.3. Assigning system roles
7.4. Creating a new role
8. Making a course backup
9. Restoring and merging backups
10. Operations at the end of a semester
10.1. Maintaining the category structure
11. Outline for a Moodle training course
11.1. One-on-one instruction
11.2. Classroom instruction
12. Appendix I: Department codes
13. Configuration change log
13.1. 2012-08-02: Lock down the course ID number; enable IMS grader role assignment
13.2. 2012-06-13: Enable use of the new roles
13.3. 2012-04-25: Allow teachers to set the new roles
13.4. 2012-04-16: Define IMS role type mappings
13.5. 2012-04-06: Create the Advising Center and Grader roles

1. Introduction

This guide is written for day-to-day administration of the Tech Computer Center's Moodle site. Installation and configuration of the server is beyond the scope of this document; for those issues, refer to tccwiki/moodle in the TCC internal Wiki.

  • The server is at

  • The master administrator account is admin. Obtain the password from a co-worker.

    Once you have the admin password, set up an account using your TCC staff account login, and give it administrator privileges. Use that account thereafter for administration.

  • Mail sent to TCC mail alias cms_master goes to all administrators. Make sure you are included in this alias.

  • If you make any changes in Moodle's overall configuration through its web interface, be sure to add a section to this document under Section 13, “Configuration change log”.

For documentation on the implementation of the tools described in this document, see cmsimport2: Courseware Banner integration tools.