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3.3. Sending a test message

Once you've added a test member, send a message to the list so you can preview how the postings will look.

If the list options allow it, you can send a test message using an ordinary e-mail sent to “”.

If you have disallowed posting via e-mail, follow this procedure to send a test message.

  1. From the “List Manager” homepage, click on the Mailings tab.

  2. Click on New Mailing.

  3. Fill in the Subject field. This will be the subject of the outgoing mail. Be descriptive, so your recipients will have a clear idea of whether the message is something they want to read.

  4. In the Text message area, type your message. If you would like a larger window, click on the show more button.

  5. Click the save button when you're done. You may instead wish to click on the save and test button to preview your message.

  6. If this list requires messages to get the list manager's approval before being sent, you will go to the “Need Approval” page. This shows a table of messages needing approval. Click the Send button inside the line of this table for your message. This brings up the “Send Mailing Now” page; click the ok button.

  7. Next, you will want to review whether you allow just anyone to read postings in the list, or whether only members of the list can see them. Click on the Utilities tab, then List Settings, then Discussion Forum Interface, then Message Reading.

    Select one of the radiobuttons labeled Allow visitors to read archives to control whether non-members can read this list.