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2. Participating in an existing mailing list

If you want to read and possibly also post to an existing mailing list, start by directing your browser to:

This will display a list of all the mailing lists hosted here. Click on the name of the list you want to join. You will be prompted for your e-mail address as a login. Use your full TCC e-mail address, such as “”.

If you have not used Lyris before, you will be asked to create a password. This is not the same password as your TCC account password.

Once you have either entered your password or created a new one, click on the All Forums tab to see a table of all the mailing lists. To subscribe to a list, click on the word “subscribe” in the last column of the entry for that list.

2.1. Reading postings in a mailing list

When items are posted to the mailing list, they will be sent to you via e-mail.

However, you can also use a Web interface to look at archived postings. Direct your Web browser to:

  1. Click on the My Forums tab. This will bring up a table showing all your mailing list memberships.

  2. To enter a list, click on its name in the Forum name column. This will display a list of the messages in the mailing list.

  3. To read a message, click on its line in the Subject column.

  4. Click on the Messages tab to return to the list of messages.