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11. Introduction to object-oriented programming

So far we have used a number of Python's built-in types such as int, float, list, and file.

Now it is time to begin exploring some of the more serious power of Python: the ability to create your own types.

This is a big step, so let's start by reviewing some of the historical development of computer language features.

11.1. A brief history of snail racing technology

An entrepreneur name Malek Ology would like to develop a service to run snail races to help non-profit organizations raise funds. Here is the proposed design for Malek's snail-racing track:

At the start of the race, the snails, with their names written on their backs in organic, biodegradable ink, are placed inside the starting line, and Malek starts a timer. As each snail crosses the finish line, Malek records their times.

Malek wants to write a Python program to print the race results. We'll look at the evolution of such a program through the history of programming. Let's start around 1960.