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3. Backing up to USB storage

Another option for file backup is one of the small storage devices that has a USB jack at one end. These are generally small enough to fit easily in a pocket and hold anywhere from a few dozen megabytes to gigabytes.

To copy files from your account to a USB backup, follow these steps.

  1. Find a workstation that has a USB jack on its front panel. If you are unfamiliar with this connector, the User Consultant will help you.

    If the workstation is running Linux, refer to the previous section for instructions on rebooting into Windows XP.

  2. Log in to Windows XP using your TCC user name and password.

  3. Plug your USB device into the USB jack. A popup will appear that says “Found New Hardware/Flash Disk”.

  4. From the Start menu, select My Computer.

    You will see an icon labeled “Removable Disk (G:)”, or possibly a different drive letter such as H: or F:, depending on the workstation's hardware configuration.

    If you aren't sure how much space remains on your USB device, you can click on the Details submenu on the left side to see the remaining capacity.

  5. Navigate normally through the My Computer panel, starting with your U: drive where all your files are kept. Select the files you want to save using Shift-click. (If you change your mind, you can unselect a file with another Shift-click.)

    If you're not sure whether the files you have selected will fit on your storage device, you can click on the Details menu on the left sidebar to show the storage requirements of the files you've selected.

  6. Under File and Folder Tasks, select Copy the selected items.

  7. In the Copy Items panel, select the icon for the USB device that you noted in Step 4. Then click the Copy button.

  8. When you're through copying files to the USB device, look in the bottom right corner of your taskbar for the Safely Remove Hardware icon, which looks like this:

    Click on this icon and it will display a list of the removable drives. Find the USB drive's letter and select it.

    When the balloon appears saying it is safe to remove it, you can unplug your USB device.

To restore files from a USB device, use the same procedure, but select the files on the USB and use Copy Items to the desired destination in your U: drive.