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Adding weekly appointments in Ical

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To add an appointment that occurs at the same time on the same day every week:

  1. Add the first occurrence as if it were a one-time appointment (see `Adding one-time appointments in Ical').
  2. Make sure the appointment is highlighted. If it is not a different color than the rest of the window, click once on the item.
  3. Drag the ``Repeat'' menu down to the ``Weekly'' choice.

If the appointment occurs on more than one day each week, such as a Tuesday-Thursday class:

  1. Add the first occurrence, and make sure it is highlighted.
  2. Drag the ``Repeat'' menu down to the ``Edit weekly'' choice. This will bring up a small menu with the days of the week on the right-hand column.
  3. Click on the other days when the appointment occurs. For example, for a M-W-F class, start by adding the first Monday meeting, then drag ``Repeat->Edit Weekly'' and click on Wednesday and Friday.

For events that occur every two, three, or four weeks, drag ``Repeat'' to ``Edit weekly.'' This pops up a menu with a number of radiobuttons. Click on the radiobutton for ``Weekly,'' ``Every two weeks,'' ``Every three weeks,'' or ``Every four weeks.''

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