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Adding repeating appointments in Ical

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You can use Ical to remind you of appointments that occur in complex time patterns---such as every fourth week, once a year on December 25, or on the second Tuesday of each month.

In all cases, you must add the first occurrence of the appointment normally (see `Adding one-time appointments in Ical'). Then drag the ``Repeat'' menubar item down to one of these choices:

  1. For annual events like birthdays, select ``Annual.''
  2. For events with a weekly pattern, select ``Edit weekly.'' This pops up a menu with a number of radiobuttons. Click on the radiobutton for ``Weekly,'' ``Every two weeks,'' ``Every three weeks,'' or ``Every four weeks.''
  3. For events with a monthly pattern, select ``Edit monthly.'' A new menu will pop up with two columns of choices. The right-hand column allows you to select monthly, annual, or every two, three, four or six months. The left-hand column has six choices:

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