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Printing your Ical appointments

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To get a printed report of your upcoming appointments:

  1. Drag the ``File'' menubar item down to the ``Print'' choice.
  2. A menu will pop up to allow you to select what gets printed and where. The top half of this menu lists various time intervals, from one day to a month. Click on one of these choices.
  3. The choices on the bottom half of the menu are labeled ``Save to,'' ``Preview,'' and ``Print.'' Click on the ``Print'' choice.
  4. There is a small text window to the right of ``Print'' that you can edit to change the command used for printing. (See `Printing your Ical appointments' for help with printer names and commands.) For example, the command
            lpr -Pb
    would print on the Birch laser printer by the help desk.
  5. Click on the ``Okay'' button to start printing.

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