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Moving an Ical event

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To move an appointment to a different time on the same day:

  1. Move the mouse onto the appointment and select it by clicking with the left mouse button.
  2. Press and hold the middle mouse button, then drag the event up or down to the desired new time, and release the middle button.

You can move either an appointment (for a specific time) or a notice (for a specific date) to a new time or date using this procedure:

  1. Select the year, month and day where the event is now.
  2. Select the appointment or notice by clicking on it with the left mouse button. The event should then be highlighted.
  3. Pull down the ``Edit'' item on the menu bar and drag it to the ``Cut'' choice. This copies it to the clipboard, an invisible storage area that can hold one event.
  4. Select the year, month and day where you want the event to be.
  5. Pull down the ``Edit'' menu item and drag it to the ``Paste'' choice. This copies the event from the clipboard to the calendar. If you also need to change the time, use the middle mouse button to drag the event to the new time.

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