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Adding monthly appointments in Ical

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To add an appointment that occurs at the same time on the same date of each month:

  1. Add the next occurrence as if it were a one-time appointment (see `Adding one-time appointments in Ical').
  2. Make sure the appointment is highlighted. If it is not a different color than the rest of the window, click once on the item.
  3. Drag the ``Repeat'' menu down to the ``Monthly'' choice.

For events with other monthly patterns, select ``Edit monthly.'' A new menu appears with two columns of choices. The right-hand column allows you to select monthly, annual, or every two, three, four or six months. The left-hand column has six choices, for appointments that fall:

  1. On the same day of the month each month.
  2. On the same day relative to the end of the month. For example, if your appointment is on the 28th of a month with 30 days, this choice will specify the third-from-last day of the month.
  3. On the same working day of each month.
  4. On the same working day relative to the end of the month.
  5. On the same day of the week relative to the start of the month (for example, the second Tuesday of the month).
  6. On the same day of the week relative to the end of the month.

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