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Adding to-do events in Ical

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If there is a task you have to do that won't go away until it gets done, you can schedule it as a to-do item in Ical. These events will not go away until you tell Ical they're done.

To-do items appear in the lower left corner of the Ical window along with notices (see `Adding notices in Ical'). Here's how to add a to-do item:

  1. Click on the ``Today'' button under the calendar to select today's date. (If the task can't be done until some future date, select that date.)
  2. Click the left mouse button in the vacant area below the calendar. This will create a new, highlighted notice in the next available slot.
  3. Type a textual description of the task.
  4. Drag the ``Item'' menu in the menu bar down to the ``Todo'' choice. This changes the selected notice to a to-do item.

To-do items are marked with a little square box to the left of the description. When the task gets done, you must click the left mouse button in this box to notify Ical that it is done. When you do this, a check-mark will appear in the box.

At the end of each day, Ical will move to the next day's list any to-do items for that day that are not yet checked off.

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