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trn: How to post to Usenet

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So now it's time to join in the fray...posting an article to Usenet.

  1. If you haven't read `trn: How not to look like an idiot on Usenet', read it now.
  2. If you're considering posting an ad, see `trn: How to advertise on Usenet'.
  3. Start up trn. If you're unfamiliar with trn, see `trn: How do I read Usenet?'
  4. Go to the appropriate newsgroup.
  5. Read an article.
  6. To post, type f (for follow-up) or F (follow-up with a copy of the previous post.)
  7. If you type f, trn will ask you if you are making a related post. If you are not, it will prompt you for a subject.
  8. Trn will ask you if you want to insert a file. Default is none.
  9. Finally, trn pops up an emacs window. Type your article.
  10. Save and exit emacs.
  11. Trn will ask if you want to Check Spelling, Send, Abort, Edit, or List your article. Normally, you will (S)end your article, but you may want to Check the spelling or Edit it for something. Or just give up and (A)bort.
  12. That's it. You've sent your first post.

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