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trn: Usenet flames and how to avoid them

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Sooner or later, as you read Usenet, you will run into flames. Flames are articles that are any of the following: insulting, derogatory, or extremely negative (especially in emotional content). Basically, it's someone thumbing their nose. Remember, there are several million Usenet readers, and many have very strong opinions.

How to deal with flames

  1. Relax. People are just rude sometimes. Take a walk, play a game. Stop reading for a while.
  2. Put the offending subject in your kill file. Using trn, type K while reading the flame.

How to avoid getting flamed

  1. Before posting an article, read `trn: How not to look like an idiot on Usenet'.
  2. Beware of advertising. If you must advertise, read `trn: How to advertise on Usenet'.
  3. Don't flame. Don't insist on having the last word.
  4. Don't take yourself or Usenet too seriously. This is supposed to be fun, remember?

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