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Setting up the PuTTY utility

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Follow these steps to install the PuTTY utility on your Windows PC.

  1. Download the putty.exe file and place it on your desktop where it is easy to find.
  2. When you open PuTTY for the first time, it looks something like this:
    unconfigured PuTTY
    It needs to be configured. There's an easy way to do this. Close PuTTY, download the putty.reg file to your desktop, then run it. When it asks "Are you sure you want to ...", say yes.
  3. Now re-open PuTTY. It should look like this:
    configured PuTTY

Now proceed to `Connecting to the TCC with the PuTTY utility'.

Next: Connecting to the TCC with the PuTTY utility
See also: PuTTY: A Secure SHell (SSH) connection utility for Windows
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