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How to run the Python oldfiles script

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To run the oldfiles script, you must have a copy of it and the associated source file in your path.

To get a listing of all the files in or under some directory path p, type:

    oldfiles p
The argument can be omitted if you want a report starting in the current working directory:

The script produces a listing of all the files in a given directory tree, in descending order by size. Here are a few lines from an example of the output:

1995-07-21 13:08:16    7992892 ./
1995-05-20 11:46:40    3732116 ./sgml/
1995-04-30 23:49:07    2123685 ./slip/screenshots/

The date and time that the file was last modified appears at the front of each line in year-month-date format, followed by the size of the file and its pathname. The files will be listed in descending order by file size.

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