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Using the ``every'' construct in Icon

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The general form of the ``every'' loop in Icon is:

    every e1 do e2
This means, every time expression e1 produces a result, evaluate expression e2.

The ``do e2'' part is optional. The expression ``every e1'' means: compute every result of e1 in sequence, discarding each one.

We can rewrite the simple arithmetic program this way:

    procedure main()
      local  sum         # Declare a variable for the sum

      sum  :=  0;        # Set the sum to zero

      every  sum +:= 1 to 5;

      write ( "The sum of all numbers from 1 to 5 is ", sum );
The construct ``v +:= e'' means: compute the value of expression e and add it to the current value of variable v.
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